We have done a lot of experimentation on the D 4 with fin style and fin and bulb position and now all boats have a set position of the keel .

D4 Fin

We have found the champaign shape fin is good and works particularly well in B rig conditions where less sideways resistance down low on the fin stops the boat tipping the boat in the gusts

We also have found that the wider top of the fin stops  the boat sliding sideways when lining up for the start. Another advantage is that when the boat goes through the tack it has a bigger turning circle that can result in a gain compared to the convention fin where the bow of the boat seems to swing down after the tack. The one drawback of this fin is that if the boat goes into irons it takes a little longer to get out

We make the fin out of solid carbon with the uni of the fiber carefully placed to stop any twisting of the fin. The fin is thinner and slightly heavier than the more standard fin that we see

The weight of the bulb We are now giving the option of bolting the bulb in place that has a forward or aft position enabling bow down trim for light weather

We finish all our foils with epoxy resin and graphite. This surface is sanded with 1500 wet dry sandpaper and is very easy to maintain and keep clean

The  Ultralite IOM foils have also been successful on the D4