Hull Construction

IOM radio control yacht D4 hull construction

Hull and deck layup is 3×75 gram  tight box weave glass gloth with 100 gram reinforcment in stress areas. This makes a hull that is lightweight and is a little flexable in low stress areas however we have had no problems with this layup so far. It has been particularly good at aliminating pin holes that can go undetected resulting in a leaky boat

The D4 is built using a split female mold.  The aft deck and mast step bowl  is made separately  also using a female mold. First off the hull is glassed on the molds including reinforcement glass in any high stress areas of the boat. The mold is then bolted together once glass has cured . Through the access of the aft deck the hull is glassed together inside  including the forward deck track , center case and mast support.


IOM radio control yacht D4 hull construction

The boat is then taken out of the mold and joins are cleaned up. A flange is made to take the deck bulkhead and aft deck is fitted. All screw through fittings are then fitted and the nuts are then gassed in place .  Rudder,and main sheet post are aligned  in a jig with rudder shaft sleeve and servo mount glassed in. Support stays from base of mast step to side chain plate area are glued in place

Aft deck is then glued in place using a jig to ensure mast step, mast gate and center case are properly aligned. A shelf to mount the battery in bottom of boat is glued in place. The boat is then sanded and painted,fittings screwed on and bow rubber attached