2017 National Championships

This Regatta was held in Christchurch at Lake Rua .

It made me realize the difficulties of flying with a IOM boat as I had to pack the boat to travel from Auckland .I thought I had it sussed with my boat in the storage tube and rigs in the sail boxes however I lost the plot when trying to get under the weight limit and spent a lot of frustrating time weighing bags and repacking . No problem with the sail box and storage tub at airport however I carried my battery chargers box  on board the plane.When going through the radar they quickly took my bag off me thinking it was a bomb!I nearly missed the plane while they were trying to work out what the bag was about and eventually they gave it back to me minus a few wires and batteries! Yes batteries were from cap cam so no footage of the Nationals

First day was sunny but light weather. I struggled seeing my boat on the start as the control area was at lake level so no elevation to see over the other boats . I also seemed to have a bit of an argument with the tree next to me that would not move out of the way! Although i was second or third during many of these races I was finding I was getting passed right on the finish line to miss out on the top four progression to the A fleet

Second day was wet with light weather and I continued to get 5th 6th places and it wasn’t until the last race where I was promoted to A fleet.

On the last day I continued with constant 5th 6th placings in A fleet  that helped my overall  placing of 20th. I went into this regatta aiming for consistent results and in a way I have achieved that  however this did not reflect in a good overall position . Next regatta I think I will aim to win races !

Overall the boat is very competitive . In the light it is equal to the other boats however when the breeze creeps up to over 15 knots the boat seems to have a edge in speed  upwind  and downwind

Ian vickers won the regatta with very impressive sailing . He has very good techniek with starting and is always in a good position at the first mark that he capitalized on this for the rest of the race


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